Bradley Garner (Owner & Operator)

My passion for creating digital content began with photographing my favourite local bands and musicians during 2014 in Wellington, New Zealand. This venture led to me learn a lot about one of the more challenging types of photography and in turn, I ensured I was well equiped with as much information as possible to make the very best content possible.

Fast forward a few years and my passion for music is still very much alive and some of my favourite commissions to date have been concerts and music videos however I couldn't stop there! I have since introduced a range of  services and work extremely hard to produce high end content for every single client.

Never hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about my services or photography/video in general. Book in a time to catch up for coffee and we can chat about what you've got coming up and how I can help.

Est. 2014


I have created custom content for these fantastic businesses and organisations
both nationally & internationally.

Westpac Stadium
NZ Tattoo & Arts Festival
Red Bull