The best e-mail to receive on a Monday morning!


Damn! They nominated me for a NZ Music Award. 

This nomination is for 'Voices' which I directed, shot and edited for Devilskin in Spark Arena (previously Vector Arena) when they opened for Disturbed on the 18th of November 2016.

I remember that I was told once I got to the venue we were shooting a music video! I had the Canon 7DmkII with me and a handful of lenses. I was devastated that I didn't bring the full rig but I feel like we made do considering. Sometimes being thrown in at the deep end has its perks but with a job like a NZ Music on Air funded music video, planning is key and we didn't plan at all, we just rolled with it. Needless to say, I'd do things a bit differently but overall I'm happy with how the product turned out and it was a bunch of fun to shoot.

Massive thanks to Devilskin and James Southgate (their manager) for putting this nomination forward. Extra love for those who helped shoot this on crazy short notice, Trajan, Francis & Brii - LEGENDS!