Grow your fan base with epic live concert photography,
next level press photos and full HD music videos!

I've been working my fingers to the bone to absolutely blow the roof off the New Zealand music industry with content that is unique, epic and timeless! Since the start of 2014 I've collated one of the most extensive archives of live music in NZ and am damn proud of being involved with a bunch of the coolest artists, bands, promoters, events and festivals!


Music is a business, you can represent your business however you want! A simple recommendation from a guy who’s seen it all, do it once and do it right! Photos of your gig on your mates iPhone is one thing but investing in professional photos and then releasing them methodically (not just in a full gallery after the show) is strategic, smart and more likely to generate revenue in the long run!

There are so many applications of professional photography in your musical endeavours, here are some examples:

  • Press Kit

  • Press Releases

  • Website

  • Social Media (not all at once…)

  • Posters

  • Album/EP Cover and/or Inserts 


Once you’ve got a track recorded, mixed and mastered you know it’s time to start thinking about the visual aspect of your masterpeice! Bring your ideas to the table with your ideal budget in mind too and I’ll give you a pretty accurate quote off the bat as to what it’ll cost to achieve your dream vid!

Here are some types of music videos to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Live Performance (at a real show)

  • Dubbed Performance (not in an event environment)

  • Narrative (a story line)

  • Dubbed Performance & Narrative

  • Tour Diary (with live performance)

    Music video packages are build to suit each individual client so you get exactly what the doctor ordered for your allocated budget.

Photography from $200 and Video from $600